“We Need To Talk” is a 100% feel good film, and sometimes that’s really all that we want! I’m sure it’s a love story, but to me it was an introspective look into the difference between real life friends versus online friends and fans. Real friends don’t rely on your work, such as reviewing games for them, etc. The Great Scott was between both worlds. He even wears his own Great Scott t-shirts for his audience. I love how he tried delivering very different things to his online ‘friends’; to see them unsubscribe in droves.

I could never predict what the girlfriend Aly would do with the words “We Need To Talk.” Sure, it sounds like couples talk. But, it really can just be a detailed list of who needs to do what errands for the house. The mystery is there. The character Amber was Aly’s fun and unpredictable friend, and it was hard to predict what Amber would say or where she’d be. But more importantly is the Great Scott lashing out on his own audience and business partner. His business partner Joe suddenly had those words effecting him indirectly. The commenters and fans in this case were not friends; just fans. It’s easy to mix up those worlds. This was a fun look into all of that; that is, the complexities and people in the different worlds of a professional online gamer. It wasn’t too much, or too little, just feel good fun which is sometimes all we’re looking for.

Review Of We Need To Talk
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