Sabina Sciubba (credit: Natacha Ivanova)

Sabina Sciubba unveils new single  and video “Adam”

January 27, 2022—Singer, composer and actress Sabina Sciubba, founder of the Grammy-nominated Brazilian Girls, is debuting her latest single “Adam” with an accompanying video; watch/share the video here

The video features an animation of Lucas Cranach the Elder’s 1531 painting “Adam and Eve in Paradise (The Fall).” In Sciubba’s reimagining Adam and Eve dance to the beat, embrace, separate, embrace again and eventually depart Eden.

“It’s a conversation between Eve and Adam, about ten years after their divorce,” says Sciubba. “There’s still friction, about the story of the apple and all, but there’s also nostalgia about love and romance, of trust and believing that one was made for the other.”

The track is the first off a new album Sciubba is currently at work on, set for release in Spring, 2023. “This song was the first we recorded,” says Sciubba. “It was meant to be a demo, but we ended up loving it so much that we kept it exactly as it was. One take. All recorded together in one room, even the drums.”

Sciubba found both critical acclaim and a loyal following as founder and lead vocalist/producer of the group Brazilian Girls, a genre-bending, multi-lingual (Sciubba is of German and Italian descent) and internationally beloved outfit that received a Grammy nomination for Best Electronic Record for their 2008 album New York City. Sciubba went on to release two full-length solo records, Toujours and Force Majeure, in addition to acting alongside Zach Galifianakis in the critically acclaimed series Baskets.

Sabina Sciubba (credit: Natacha Ivanova)
Sabina Sciubba (credit: Natacha Ivanova)

“I’m an explorer by nature,” Sciubba says. “So after each record, I’m ready to try something new.”

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