Sabina Sciubba's new album Sleeping Dragon

Sabina Sciubba’s new album Sleeping Dragon

Sabina Sciubba's new album Sleeping Dragon

June 23, 2023— Singer, composer and actress Sabina Sciubba, founder of the Grammy-nominated Brazilian Girls, shares her third solo album Sleeping Dragon today, along with new single and video “Stolen Kiss” featuring Dhani Harrison. Buy or stream the album HERE, download HERE, and watch “Stolen Kiss” HERE.

Sciubba gathered a host of collaborators for Sleeping Dragon, including the Grammy winning singer and composer Harrison (The Traveling Wilburys), pianist Jason Lindner (David Bowie’s Blackstar), cowriter Barry Reynolds (Marianne FaithfullGrace Jones, Brazilian Girls), singer-songwriter Albin de la Simone, and renowned clarinetist Nico Gori.

Sleeping Dragon traverses genres, subjects, and even languages in its scope; Sciubba notes, “I am very genre fluid, I just let the music come to me and then love and accept it as it is… each song really comes in its language. On this record, for instance, I wanted to have a song in Italian at least, one in Spanish, one in German… but it came out mostly in English, French, and German. I have little to no control over it.”

Sciubba will come to the U.S. for two dates this September in support of the record, performing at Nublu in New York City on September 23 and Zebulon in Los Angeles on September 27.

Sciubba found both critical acclaim and a loyal following as founder and lead vocalist/producer of the group Brazilian Girls, a genre-bending, multi-lingual (Sciubba is of German and Italian descent) and internationally beloved outfit that received a Grammy nomination for Best Electronic Record for their 2008 album New York City. Sciubba went on to release two full-length solo records, Toujours and Force Majeure, in addition to acting alongside Zach Galifianakis in the critically acclaimed series Baskets.

“I’m an explorer by nature,” Sciubba says. “So after each record, I’m ready to try something new.”

“’Stolen Kiss’ is a ballad about thieves in Los Angeles who go around stealing kisses from couples who are just about to kiss,” Sciubba says. “I told Dhani that I only wanted to work with people I love and trust, people who have some innocence, who know how to play and have fun without taking themselves too seriously… it really resonated with him. Dhani sang harmonies, played some different chords… it gave the whole idea a twist and more depth.”


“To me Sleeping Dragon feels like something powerful and magical that isn’t menacing or overwhelming. A sacred protective creature,” Sciubba says. “The magical, the mysterious aspect of the music was most important to me. I followed my instincts entirely, without questioning them. So I knew I needed to work with people I fully trust. Since COVID, working on music with others has become even more sacred to me. It has to be magical. Only where there is complete trust, there can be magic.”

STOLEN KISS (Credit: Chris Floyd)
STOLEN KISS (Credit: Chris Floyd)


September 23—New York City, NY—Nublu
September 27—Los Angeles, CA—Zebulon
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