SAUL AT NIGHT Trailer Just Released... A Sci-Fi Drama about a mandatory sleep schedule enforced worldwide

SAUL AT NIGHT Trailer Just Released… A Sci-Fi Drama about a mandatory sleep schedule enforced worldwide


With a mandatory sleep schedule enforced worldwide, one outlier invents new ways to connect with his sleeping family

On January 11 2022, Saul At Night, a sci-fi drama and feature debut by Cory Santilli, written by Daniel Miska (Froth and Bubble), will release on AppleTV and Altavod. 

Starring Kentucker Audley (She Dies Tomorrow, American Woman, Her Smell), Suzanne Clément (Mommy, Laurence Anyways, I Killed My Mother) Stephanie Ellis (The Sleepwalker, Men in Black 3) and Acadia Colan (Ted Bundy Had a Son), Saul At Night follows Saul Capgras (Audley) as he is forced to become acclimated to isolation in a bizarre experiment. A legally imposed curfew and mandated sleeping schedule has been forced upon citizens, except Saul, the one person who rests during the day and spends his waking hours in the eerie and lonely night. Alienated from his family, Saul begins to invent ways to continue sharing his life with his wife and daughter, but things take a turn when he encounters a mysterious woman on one of his nightly wanderings. 

Synopsis: As a result of a bizarre experiment, Saul Capgras is forced to become acclimated to a life of isolation at night, while the rest of the city is restricted to sleep and a mandated curfew. Saul is the only person left awake at night, and, while still living with his wife and daughter, he must discover inventive ways to experience their lives.

Saul at Night is a carefully drawn study of human nature and the nature of connections to both loved ones and strangers. 

Saul At Night is a JawDoc Productions film produced by Julie R. Snyder and Raz Cunningham and executive produced by Stephen T. Skoly, with original music by Kubilay Uner (Bill & Ted Face the Music), Cinematography by Jack Caswell (Reasons For Being Sad) and editing by Bart Brevé (Doctor Strange).

Co-founded by Robert Schwartzman, Utopia is a sales and distribution company known for feature films including the breakout TIFF comedy, SHIVA BABY; the Cannes selected MICKEY AND THE BEAR; the forthcoming Cannes 2021 selection VORTEX, Gaspar Noe’s sixth feature; Sundance selection, EL PLANETA; and documentaries including Academy Award winner Errol Morris’ AMERICAN DHARMA; the Ross Brothers’ Sundance charmer, BLOODY NOSE, EMPTY POCKETS; and the forthcoming doc on the artist Dash Snow, MOMENTS LIKE THIS NEVER LAST from Cheryl Dunn and Vice Studios.


Directed by Cory Santilli

Written by Daniel Miska

Produced by Julie R. Snyder & Raz Cunningham

Executive produced by Stephen T. Skoly

Starring Kentucker Audley, Suzanne Clément, Stephanie Ellis & Acadia Colan


Co-founded by filmmaker Robert Schwartzman in 2018, Utopia is a film distribution and sales company that specializes in bold and daring independent cinema. With a hands-on approach to creative risk-taking, Utopia builds tailor-made releases that champion their audience and the voices behind them. Recent Utopia titles include the TIFF breakout comedy Shiva Baby by Emma Seligman; The Ross Brothers’ Sundance 2020 selection Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets; Academy Award Winner Errol Morris’ American Dharma; Annabelle Attanasio’s Cannes breakout Mickey and the Bear, starring Camila Morrone; and, the 4K restoration of Hal Needham’s 1986 cult-classic, RAD. Upcoming releases include the Gaspar Noe’s sixth feature and Cannes 2021 selection Vortex, Sundance and New Directors/New Films 2021 selections El Planeta and We’re All Going To The World’s Fair; Dasha Nekrasova’s Berlinale premiere The Scary of Sixty-First in partnership with Shudder and the Dash Snow documentary Moments Like This Never Last from Cheryl Dunn and Vice Studios.

Utopia has since launched Utopia Originals, a division dedicated to the development,

packaging, and sales of original film and television content. Its most recently announced project is in partnership with Norman Reedus’ bigbaldhead Productions And Shout! Studios for a ‘Sorority House Massacre’ TV Series, based off of the cult classic of the same name.

Starting On: January 18, 2022

AVAILABLE ON AppleTV, Amazon & Altavod

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