Wild Tales, film review by Arthur Glover
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Wild Tales, film review by Arthur Glover

Wild Tales ***1/2

directed by Damian Szifron

This foreign language Oscar nominee(Argentina) lost last Sunday, respectively to Poland’s Ida(Now on Netflix). No matter. Now this beast of a dark comedy has been unleashed in the U.S. last weekend. But watch out. This baby takes it’s name literally, infecting wild into each one of it’s six brutally funny stories, all of them directed to near-perfection by Damián Szifrón. The film feels like six short films put in genius order, the characters hell bent on revenge. Szifron gets to the point fast in the first story, set on an airplane where all of the passengers realize they’ve all done wrong to the same man. Whoops! It only gets wilder from there. Cue the laughs, explosions, violence, and fecal matter. What makes this film so worth watching, is how the gifted Szifron raises it to the level of art. Well played. In a incredibly dull movie year so far in 2015, this is one demented gem you don’t want to miss.


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