"The Bid" Movie in Theaters and Streaming Everywhere NOW - Starring Maurquis Boone and Richard Harris

“The Bid” Movie in Theaters and Streaming Everywhere NOW – Starring Maurquis Boone and Richard Harris


Philadelphia, PA (January 12, 2021) – This morning, B&R FilmsGVN Releasing, and BPG Media released the new comedy The Bid on all digital platforms and in theaters!

The Bid, the #1 independent Black comedy in America (iTunes), is streaming now on GooglePlayiTunesAmazon Prime Video, and all other digital streaming platforms! 

The Bid introduces the new comedic force of Boone and Rich “Philly Filthy Rich” Harris who notably directed, produced, wrote, and starred in the movie. The Philadelphia duo emerges as hilarious partners on-screen and behind-the-scenes. The project positions them as a big-screen team to watch in 2021 and beyond. Stay tuned for a whole lot more from Boone and Rich.
The Bid has already emerged as a homegrown independent phenomenon in Philly. Boone and Rich personally created, cast, funded, and shot the flick in a little more than 30 days, welcoming a hilarious cast of social media comedians and actors, such as Haha DavisMr. CommodoreSouthside JuGhee Funnyand Shawn, and A-Town. They hosted 13 sold-out screenings in the city and drummed up palpable buzz, catching the attention of GVN Releasing and BPG Media—the film and television production arm of powerhouse management firm The Blueprint Group

The film itself is a comedy and tells the story of two rappers played by Boone and Rich—named Boone and Rich—who gets framed by an overzealous Philadelphia police officer. The duo is sent to prison and they are forced to fight the unjust Philadelphia prison system from the inside. Richard Harris has done prison time in the past, so he is experienced in dealing with the stresses and struggles of incarceration. Boone, on the other hand, is totally out of his comfort zone and violates ALL prison rules and ethics. Boone’s behavior and attitude place the duo in a series of jailhouse dramas. We don’t know whether to fear for their lives or burst out laughing.

Be on the lookout for news on the soundtrack soon, featuring the hip-hop group Boone and Rich, which will be released on Street Value Records and Blueprint Distro.

The Bid sees wide release in 2021 and elevates Boone and Rich as two of comedy’s most exciting new voices. Producers include Richard Harris and Maurquis Boone of B&R Films. Executive Producers are Gee RobersonJean NelsonAl BranchCortez BryantBryan CalhounDwayne “Heat” Williams of BPG Media, and Geno Taylor of GVN ReleasingBernard “Jamil” Jones and Antonio Simmons of Black Eye Entertainment are also Executive Producers.. 

ADAPT TO YOUR ENVIRONMENT and get ready to laugh.

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Starting On: January 12, 2021
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