THE NEW RADICAL - 3D Printing Guns... A Review
The New Radical film

THE NEW RADICAL – 3D Printing Guns… A Review

The first amendment protecting the second amendment… the question of freedom and rights behind whether Cody Wilson was right or wrong in creating and sharing a file of how to 3D print a gun. A blueprint file that would allow anyone to print an untrackable gun with no serial #s or permit requirements/background checks. Can an 8yr old 3D print a fully working gun? Yes. Can a 55yr old with a history of armed robberies, assaults, murders, or terrorism threats? Yes.

This documentary is called The New Radical. And what it explores, and what Cody believes in, is “Radical Equality“. He explains that “process isn’t the way to preserve liberty”.

The filmmaker (Adam Bhala Lough) also included the intertwining story of a radical too radical for even early Bitcoin developers, Amir Taaki, in order to further display and give more understanding into “The New Radical”. Amir is now on a terrorist watchlist because of his “Dark Wallet”. He’s been extremely transparent and vocal since day one. But then again… so have some terrorist groups. Is he scary or threatening in any way? Not at all. I’d love to meet/talk to him. He seems fascinating, smart, interesting, and he is simply questioning the system… a system which is extremely flawed, often biased and often unjust. But… it is also that same system that enforces rules and restrictions for the better or worse, exactly like how radical equality has serious consequences for the better or worse.

If I could ask Amir or Cody a question, it’d be “if you had family and/or friends shot and killed by an untrackable gun bought with untrackable money… leaving you entirely unable to use authorities whatsoever, would you truly be OK with that? And would you honestly reconsider any of radical equality?”

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Under radical equality, if someone steals untrackable money, how can you recover anything? If it’s hard now to deal with tracking murders or robberies, imagine how hard it might be with radical equality.  But at the same time, even if Amir chose not to create the “dark wallet”, and if Cody chose not to share the first 3D printed gun file…. it makes you wonder if it’ll just be someone else anyway because the evolution of technology is inevitable?

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What was ridiculous was that the film showed a website that’s been online for around 10 years, with multiple downloadable files and hundreds of instructions on how to create/produce guns. Nobody went after that site to this day. Yet Cody is labeled one of the most dangerous people in the world and has to fight a lawsuit spanning years over sharing one file of how to create one.

Also, the NRA declined to comment on this film, and to ever interact with Cody Wilson. How does that make sense? They are all for guns and the second amendment….  and yet they won’t support nor comment on someone who is fighting for the exact liberty that they stand for?

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So is Cody Wilson, who’s been fighting a legal case for years over sharing files of how to print a 3D printed gun a “terrorist”, or a threat worthy of being one of the 15 Most Dangerous People in the World? That’s for you to decide in this film. As he is shown telling Glenn Beck early in the movie.. “Under what paradigm? Who’s perception?”

the new radical 3d printing guns a review

THE NEW RADICAL opens Los Angeles and New York on December 1st, and hits VOD December 5th.  You can keep up with film updates on the filmmaker’s site at You can also pre-order on iTunes:



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