The New Yorker Studios Presents the Award-Winning Short Documentary “Goldie”

The New Yorker Studios Presents the Award-Winning Short Documentary “Goldie”

Awards Contender is Available Now on The New Yorker’s Digital Channels

(New York, N.Y., Wednesday, October 4, 2023)—The short film “Goldie,” produced by The New Yorker Studios, is available on the magazine’s digital channels today as part of the award-winning New Yorker Documentary series. In the film, which is available worldwide, we meet Tim Goldrainer, who, by night, fronts a raucous rock group, the Menus, for thousands of fans. By day, he plays for a different crowd and sings a different tune.

Director Billy Miossi (“It’s Quieter in the Twilight”) said: “For nearly 40 years, the Menus have been a mainstay rock group throughout the Cincinnati region. Led by their highly energetic and flamboyant front man, Tim Goldrainer, they are an undeniable crowd pleaser. But this isn’t Tim’s only act. When he isn’t touring the region with the Menus, he performs as ‘Goldie’ in nursing homes all over Cincinnati. The dichotomy immediately caught my attention. I went to see one of his Goldie shows and I was moved. He was just as magnetic. He was just as engaging. He was just as much of a performer. I watched the audience and saw the smiles creep over their faces as Tim, never holding back, belted out the hits of their era. That’s when I knew I had to tell this story.”

Miossi added: “Tim’s journey to Goldie is a personal one. He watched his mother slowly succumb to dementia inside a nursing home. And, visit after visit, he noticed that song is what would reawaken that gleam in her eye. That would eventually grow into the Goldie Show, which Tim has performed thousands of times in dozens of nursing homes throughout Southwest Ohio. Tim, with his genuine gusto for performing and entertaining, has made it his mission to brighten the day for so many in a community where such escapes are few and far between. As he says, ‘Why would they not deserve it?’ ”


“Goldie” is directed by Billy Miossi, produced by Alissa Shapiro, and is a production of Weigel Productions. Miossi’s documentary feature “It’s Quieter in the Twilight” was released in U.S. movie theaters earlier this year and was called “captivating” by The New York Times; it has a 100% Fresh rating by film critics on Rotten Tomatoes. The Saturday Evening Post said that Miossi’s focus on the “human element” is what makes that film “compelling.”

Last year, New Yorker Studios films received five Academy Award nominations, including at least one in each short-film category: “Stranger at the Gate” and “Haulout” were nominated in the Documentary Short Film category; “Ice Merchants” and “The Flying Sailor” were nominated in the Animated Short Film category; and “Night Ride” was nominated in the Live Action Short Film category.

October 5, 2023
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