The Top 10 Times Jessa Johansson Was Your Spirt Animal
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The Top 10 Times Jessa Johansson Was Your Spirt Animal

As much as I love the glamorous lifestyles of the women from Sex and the City there is something about the ladies on Lena Dunham’s HBO show GIRLS really hit home. The show centers around four 20-somethings living the dream in New York City, one mistake at a time.

My favorite character on the show is the free-spirit hipster, Jessa. And I felt a bit torn about what my first post should be and then I thought that introducing myself in one huge metaphor would be the most exhausting, yet informational way to do it. Because even though Jessa is an extreme character… she and I have a lot in common.

1. You are the single coolest, and confident person you have ever met.


2. Own your sexuality. Sometimes it’s okay to just hook up and feel satisfied of that. Slut shaming is a ridiculous practice done by people who aren’t getting any.


3. Beauty fades. Make sure you can back up that pretty face, and nice body.


4. You speak your mind. Even when you have an unpopular, politically incorrect opinion.


5. You’re too much of a free-spirit to grasp the concept of being an adult.


6. Sometimes you need to just literally go with the flow. Planning your life is silly because the moment you stray from “the plan” you will feel lost and devastated.


7. You definitely have a mouth on you. You are not afraid to defend yourself, friends, or even strangers. Because you never pass up an opportunity to put someone in their place.


8. The most important relationship you have with anyone in the course of your life is the one you have with yourself.


9. You are always the life of the party. Always. And people are definitely intimidated by that.


10. You give amazing (sometimes blunt) advice to people who may otherwise not have heard what they actually do need to hear.



I hope this gives you all a brief insight as to who I am as a person, and also tides you over until the fifth season of GIRLS starts again!


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