Tiger Orange (Smalltown Gay Drama) Released on DVD Today from Wolfe Video

Tiger Orange (Smalltown Gay Drama) Released on DVD Today from Wolfe Video

“There’s no question that Valenti walks away with the film. Energetic and effortlessly charismatic, he epitomizes a spirit of defiance.


“An effective, thought-provoking take of gay life seen through the eyes of two brothers… assured and heartfelt performances.”


Wolfe Video Presents


USA, 76 minutes, Color, HD, 2014

A Film By Wade Gasque

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It’s Never Too Late to Come Home

Two estranged gay brothers attempt to make amends in Wade Gasque’s charming small-town drama. Set against the sun-kissed fields of Central  California, and anchored by strong performances from pornstar-turned-leading man Frankie Valenti (aka Johnny Hazzard) and Mark Strano, TIGER ORANGE pits two diametric opposites against each other – the closeted introvert versus the out-and-proud hunk. The result is a blunt, playful meditation on queer sibling rivalry and the childhood bonds that force us together.

TIGER ORANGE is the feature film debut of award winning director Wade Gasque, who co-wrote the film (and produced it) with the film’s co-star Mark Strano. Wade and Mark are long-term partners creatively and personally.



Directed by Wade Gasque

Written and Produced by Wade Gasque and Mark Strano

Starring Frankie Valenti, Mark Strano, Gregory Marcel


Chet (Mark Strano) and Todd (Frankie Valenti) are gay brothers who grew up in a small town in Central California to a homophobic, working class single father. Now adults, the two could not have turned out more differently. Chet, the older brother, runs the family hardware store and still lives in their childhood home where he’s cared for their ailing father until his recent death. Todd ran off to LA at eighteen and never looked back. He’s burned the candle at both ends his entire life and now homeless, with no cash, he heads back up the coast to the home and the brother he left behind. The surprise visit shakes up Chet’s safe and guarded life and the two of them living under one roof becomes a recipe for disaster. Soon Todd is stirring up trouble in town with his sexual misadventures and in-your-face bravado and Chet struggles to keep him in check while slowly unraveling himself. But when Todd makes a move on Brandon, a secret high school flame of Chet’s, all of their long-simmering resentments quickly boil to the surface. Chet has all but abandoned his own life to care for their father and keep any semblance of the family together while Todd has lived an open life, bearing the brunt of their father’s rage. Now, without Dad to blame, the brothers are forced to not only hash out their differences but begin to examine the common bond they never truly acknowledged.


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