Tom Bogo x Segway Collaboration SS22 Collection – Runway – September 2021 -New York Fashion Week: The Shows

New York, NY (September, 2021) –Segway debuted a partnership with up-and-coming, functional, streetwear designer Tommy Bogo, for his eponymous label, Tombogo on the rooftop of Spring Studios with NYFW: The Shows. The short-distance transportation e-vehicle company partnered with Tombogo to celebrate its dedication to sustainability. Tombogo has cited sustainability as a core value of the brand and incorporates repurposed and recycled materials into their ideation and design of collections.

The designer created a green oasis for his spring collection where models emerged from a conceptual greenhouse on Segway’s most popular models. The designer worked with Segway to create exclusive custom scooters for the rooftop runway show.

The partnership was an obvious synergy with Segway’s emphasis on promoting sustainable electric transportation with its diverse product line of personal electric vehicles including the Segway eScooter E110A, Ninebot eKickScooter F30, and Segway Ninebot S MAX. The show will feature models on scooters navigating the “green” environment created by the Tom Bogo creative team.

Tom Hebert, VP of Sales and Marketing at Segway quips, “[a]t Segway, our core mission is Simply Moving. How we choose to move people is through our technology like self-leveling scooters, e-Kick Scooters, and e-Mopeds. Several of Segway products are composed of magnesium-alloy, the most eco-friendly and sustainable metal in the world. This material is 100% recyclable and dissolves naturally without leaving a trace. Our newly launched Segway eMoped C80 is composed of 100% eco-friendly Polypropylene plastics, it equipped with a Regenerative Anti-Lock Braking System (EABS). This system recoups energy to the battery to extend the range and take riders further!

Data shows that electric scooter owners ride an average of 4 days per week and 7 miles per day. This translates into 1456 miles per year and by riding an electric kickscooter you would reduce your carbon footprint by 1318 lbs per year. By incorporating electric kickscooters in your daily commuting, you reduce emissions from transportation, the leading sector contributing to carbon pollution, in addition to improving public health and providing fuel and maintenance savings. This was why incorporating Segway’s scooters into the show was such an organic collaboration.

This year, Segway is also introducing their new e-Scooter E110A at New York Fashion Week. This state of art e-Scooter differentiates itself with the RideyGo! System –a simply yet highly efficient UI system. The smart features include airlock, a complete keyless system; seat sensor to detect if someone is sitting or riding the vehicle; the Attitude & Heading Sensing System with industry-leading 6-axis sensors in the vehicle to detect movements andsends notification via the user APP; and Segway independent research and development battery containing over 20 smart protection and safety measures.

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