TWOTWO SciFi Thriller Movie

Socially awkward David (Joel Ballard) appears to have the perfect life, until he loses his corporate job and is faced with eviction. After hitting rock bottom, he wakes up in an alleyway where a homeless man promises him a way to change his life. It sounds too good to be true but with nothing to lose, he takes up the offer. Everything appears the same, then through a chance encounter with a mysterious young woman on the run (Morgan Makana), David discovers her unusual ability to manifest reality as she conceives it and their lives become intertwined.


About the Filmmaker

Jun Hoskulds is a writer, director and film composer. Her films screened and received multiple awards at American and international film festivals such as Garden State Film Festival, Gone with the Film Festival, Treasure Coast international Film Festival, New York Film Awards, Marbella Film Festival, Montreal Film Festival, Golden Gate Film Festival.

Her education is in Theatre and Performing Arts. For a short time she worked as an actress in theatre in Los Angeles and then had an acting school for one year. But her main interest was behind the camera. She then went on to become a photographer in NY, then wrote and directed her first film DOWNTOWN OR HIGHER, a story about a homeless man who finds a book on yogis and is inspired by the resemblance between his life with few possessions and their life on non-attachment.

Her second film THE SUBLET is a feature length comedy about an old man who places a fake add in the paper in the hope to meet new people and make friends,. It won Best Comedy, Best Director, Audience Choice awards and Best Film around the US and had a theatrical release in New York, being reviewed by the Village Voice, New York Times and Variety and selected as best film of the week by Backstage.

Besides filmmaking she also loves painting and making music. Her album “Cause of Birth Unknown”/Intellectual Grey is available on Spotify and Apple Music. She lives with her husband in Los Angeles, where they also own a state of the art recording studio and also a film studio with two locations specialized in filming special effects and post production, and hosting numerous projects for Hollywood clients and major studios.

February 3, 2023
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