When Animals Dream - Film Review

When Animals Dream – Film Review

**1/2 out of 4 stars

starring Lars Mikkelsen, Sonja Richter, Jakob Ofetbro

directed by Jonas Alexander Arnby

It’s safe to say this Norwegian art house-werewolf thriller is the scariest thing in theaters right now, next to the recently released The Gift. Not saying that’s a good thing. This film takes it’s fucking time telling it’s story of Marie, a young woman still living with her father(best in show Lars Mikkelsen), who both tend full time to her diseased-dying mother, and goes through an even slower monster transformation over the film’s 80 minutes. Think The Fly or District 9, but much more restrained.

The plot, for what it is, comes in when Marie starts her job at a fish house, where she is instantly being eyed by horny coworkers, and subject to countless and horrific pranks, starting with being push into a pool of fish guts. And then the first patch of hair shows up. As Marie changes, she also has a sexual awakening with a studly coworker(Jakob Ofetbro), where he goes on an erotic ride unlike he ever imagined.

How and why does Marie have this disease? Who the hell knows, but we later find out that Marie and her mother share similar symptoms. Maybe it’s from all the fish? I’m only kidding, but seriously, the lack of details will annoy you.

Luckily, director Jonas Alexander Arnby knows how to keep us enthralled, him and the actress giving us a character to care about in MarieAnd the images pop right at you, especially in a climactic, dreamy boat sequence, where Marie finally goes full wolf on a bunch of mofos. The movie is never as entertaining as it is here, when we are left with a monster to root for, right before the credits come up. Scary or groundbreaking? Not really. Beautiful to look at? Totally.

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