WHO I AM NOT – Award-Winning Documentary

In a world unaware of the existence of intersex individuals, Dimakatso survived genital mutilation as a child, while Sharon, a beauty queen, uncovered her hidden male genetics at the age of 21.

As they navigate together the complexities of their identities and challenge deep-rooted societal taboos, their intertwined stories reveal the resilience and beauty of intersex lives hidden in plain sight.

“Uplifting Documentary ‘Who I Am Not’ Offers Painful, Hopeful, Heartfelt Celebration of Intersex Life in a Binary World”

“A touching, humorous and deeply cathartic celebration of intersex life — for both its protagonists and for the audience.”
– Christopher Vourlias, Variety


Who I Am Not is a celebration…The Romanian actor-turned-director’s largely fly-on-the-wall approach is enhanced by the occasional use of more experimental imagery – mostly connected with water. The combination offers an appealing immediacy that is already notching up festival dates, with SXSW, BFI Flare and CPH:Dox all on the agenda after its world premiere at Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival.”
Who I Am Not is a celebration of sorts… a call for empathy and understanding,…in the end, difference is what you make of it.”

– Amber Wilkinson, Screen Daily

“…something that will be used in the coming years as a tool to educate people.”
– Tom Harington, Manager, BFI Flare – London

Who I Am Not teaches its audience that we can only be defined by ourselves, and what we say we are. It’s a powerful message that triumphantly carries on through the end of the film.”
– Mathew Creith, Edge Media Network

Who I Am Not is an eye-opening lesson on humanity and identity. The film exploring happiness, navigating family, discrimination, and dating is emotionally wrought and fascinating… It deserves a global audience.”
–Liz Whittemore Reel News Daily

“Its heart is what makes it what it is.”

Director’s Statement – Tünde Skovrán

For me, “Who I Am Not” is more than just a film; it’s a personal journey. When I first dove into the intricate world of the intersex community, it was like unearthing stories that had been waiting to be told. When I met Sharon, the first openly intersex beauty queen, through her eyes, I felt the weight of emotions, struggles, and joys of those who exist beyond societal binaries.

Then there’s Dimakatso, a beacon of hope for countless silent voices. Do you know that nearly 150 million intersex individuals exist worldwide? Dimakatso’s passion for change, evident in initiatives like their Summer Camp for intersex children in South Africa, became a driving force behind our documentary. Their dedication is the kind of tangible change we wanted to spotlight.

But our journey was more than just about filming; it was about bonding. Over four incredible years, Sharon, Dimakatso, and I became storytellers together, blending our experiences and emotions. It was crucial for me to ensure they felt seen and heard. This is why we delved into unique techniques like group therapy, psychodrama, and dream interpretation. These methods transformed our storytelling, adding layers of depth both visually and emotionally.

Speaking of visuals, “Who I Am Not” is a canvas painted with the actual dreams, raw emotions, and vulnerabilities of Sharon and Dimakatso. We wanted the audience to not just watch but feel, question, and introspect about their understanding of sex, gender, and identity.

The world has started noticing our tale. From international festivals to intimate screenings, every viewing sparks conversations and challenges age-old beliefs. Through this film, I want to shine a light on the ‘I’ in LGBTQIA+, reminding everyone that Intersex isn’t just a concept but a beautiful biological reality.

In essence, “Who I Am Not” is both a deep dive into personal stories and a call to the world. It seeks not only to inform but to transform, urging society to embrace the full spectrum of human identity.

New York Premiere of 'Who I Am Not' at DOC NYC

November 14 at 6:00 pm at IFC Center

Director Tünde Skovrán and film participant Sharon-Rose Khumalo in-person for premiere!


November 14, 2023 6:00 pm
November 14, 2023
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