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WORLD PREMIERE of Stunning Documentary Feature- MAIKO: Dancing Child at LAFF JUNE 14

Maiko: Dancing Child documents the daily life of  Maiko Neshino-Ekberg, whose tough training and hard discipline have brought her to the top of her career as a prima ballerina in the Norwegian National Ballet.

Maiko’s destiny was decided before she was born; her name means “dancing child”.  She was only a girl when she left her family and her hometown in Japan for Europe with her sights set on becoming a professional dancer.  Her mother, the driving force behind her career, sold their home and car in order to send 14-year-old Maiko to the most prestigious dancing schools in Europe.  With strenuous demands in competitive ballet companies, Maiko knew she must work harder and endure, and could not return to Japan as a failure.

Today she is 32 and on top of her career as a prima ballerina at the Norwegian National Ballet. Maiko enters a tough time when she must prove she deserves a place among the best dancers while her dream of one day becoming mom grows stronger.  An opportunity for her dream role in Swan Lake is coming up, but Maiko is not a young dancer anymore and talented newcomers are competing for her position.  We follow Maiko through a crossroad in her life, where she is forced to make decisions that might jeopardize everything she has worked for.

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