(Character name: Aubrey Gordon / Photographer: Joseph Cultice)
(Character name: Aubrey Gordon / Photographer: Joseph Cultice)

YOUR FAT FRIEND | Film by Jeanie Finlay

Nationwide theatrical rollout Winter '24 (NY Dec 8th at DCTV)

Made over 6 years, acclaimed director Jeanie Finlay charts the rise of writer and activist Aubrey Gordon from anonymous blogger to NYTimes best selling author and beloved podcaster. Her aim? A paradigm shift in the way we see fat people and the fat on our own bodies. 

Her life changing work has brought her an ardent, international audience but also threats to her life. One of her biggest challenges is getting her parents to listen.

Your Fat Friend, a film about fatness, family, the complexities of change and the deep, messy feeling we hold about our bodies.

Your Fat Friend by Jeanie Finlay will radicalize you and make you fall for Yr Fat Friend. But it’s also a delicate, deft, generous family portrait, and an incredibly astute depiction of parental love which is imperfect, fierce and full of revelations even in adult life.” – Criterion

“[An] engaging, eye-opening documentary” – Screen Daily

“Won’t let you look away” The Daily Beast


Director & Producer: Jeanie Finlay
Consulting Producer: Suzanne Alizart
Screenwriter: Jeanie Finlay
Cinematographers: Stewart Skylar Copeland, Jeanie Finlay, Lindsay Trapnell, Michel Palmieri, Donal Mosher, Aubrey Gordon
Editor: Alice Powell
Composer: Tara Creme
Executive Producers: Charlotte Cook, Sandra Whipham, Shanida Scotland


About Jeanie Finlay

Jeanie Finlay is one of Britain’s most distinctive documentarists. Telling intimate stories for international audiences. She has made 9 feature films, for HBO, IFC & BBC Storyville and others including; Your Fat Friend, Seahorse; Game Of Thrones: The Last Watch; SOUND IT OUT; The Great Hip Hop Hoax and Orion. Jeanie is a Chicken & Egg Awardee with retrospectives at MOMI, BFI & Criterion Channel.

About Aubrey Gordon

Aubrey Gordon is an author, columnist, and cohost of Maintenance Phase. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Vox, Literary Hub, SELF, Health, Glamour and more. Her first book, What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat was released in November 2020. Her second book, “You Just Need to Lose Weight” and 19 Other Myths About Fat People, is a New York Times and Indie bestseller.

December 8, 2023
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